What’s your go-to 420 Spot?

The “420 lifestyle” has been in our blood, and in our heads, for the last 24 years and we are smack in the middle of the 4/20 season which also happens to be spring and fantastic weather in effect. What better way to celebrate our favorite time of year than getting outdoors to find your 420 Spot?

We know you’ve got that 420 Spot for your go-to go-to. Whether it’s raising a pint, hangin with some buds outdoors, or smokin out… your 420 Spot is THE go-to spot, for some go-to “fun” with your go-to brew. We’ve thrown together a list of some of our favorites, including a few around our neck of the woods to get y’all livin’ our lifestyle this season. Like we always say, It’s 420 Somewhere.


1) Drinkin’ a beer on the patio.

If we had to rank our favorite drinking spots, patios have to be in the top 5. Vibin’ at home to some heady tunes or hitting up your local spot for a fresh draft, it’s time to get out of the winter doldrums and into a 420 state of mind. Let’s all kick back on the patio with our friends and fam, sip on some 420s – maybe some HAZY’s, High Lights, even a SweetWater Oasis, and have a damn good time. Oh, and if you didn’t know, we’ve got our very own patio here at the Taproom, open every day of the week and socially distant. Check out more on our hours and brews here.

2) Piedmont Park

If you’re lookin to escape the city without going OTP, there’s no better spot than Piedmont Park in the heart of Midtown. We gotta work off our H.A.Z.Y. IPAs somehow, and make room for more (because we’ve been crushing those bad boys), and there’s no better way than hittin’ the trails for biking, walking, skating, and more. Piedmont Park hosts festivals, farmer’s markets, and live music to make your trips outdoors a little more not-so-mainstream. Grab a few of your buds this 420 season and check out that sweet view.

3) Sweetwater Creek State Park

Back in the day, we were floatin’ down Sweetwater Creek and came up with our motto: “Don’t Float the Mainstream”. That’s how SweetWater Brewing Company was born (it’s our namesake), and to this day we’ve stayed far off the mainstream. Located 15 miles outside of downtown Atlanta, Sweetwater Creek State Park has many trails and rushing whitewater for you and your pals to hit up and connect with the outdoors.

4) Lake days with a fishing rod in one hand and a 420 in the other.

Where there’s water, there’s SweetWater. Ditch the city and go on an adventure to some of Georgia’s greatest lakes. We’ve got a boatload number of lakes within a short drive of the city. Between Lake Oconee, Allatoona, Lanier, and more, spending the day at the lake is the perfect getaway for your 420 season. Pack your fishing rods, bring the brews, and hit the water for some drinkin and fishin.

5) Tennessee Rock Trail in Black Rock Mountain State Park

Maybe you need to get into a different head space and escape the concrete jungle. If so, head up to Mountain City, Georgia and hike the Tennessee Rock Trail in Black Rock Mountain State Park. This 420 Spot is a winner for its mountain views and wildflowers. Only one thing could make this more green… Another reason to check this spot out?  You don’t have to leave your pup in the city, bring your drinking buddy along.

6) Smokin’ out in the Backyard

There’s no better pair than drinkin and smokin and there’s no time like now to fire up the smoker. Let’s head to our back porch and spend our 420 season right by smokin out. Light up the grill, grab a few buddies, and crack open a few cold ones. Not sure what to fix? We’ve got you covered with recipe videos from chefs all over town.  Our IPA’s pair perfectly with a backyard smokeout menu, especially G13 when the night kicks up a notch.

7) Island Ford Trail

Wanna get into hiking but not sure where to start? Head on over to the Sandy Springs area and check out this trail for all skills levels and its sweet views. Bring your pups, your pals, and explore the outdoors on the Island Ford Trail.  Bring some High Lights and make the hike the high light of your week.

8) Hittin’ the waves on the coast

When the weather is getting this good, there’s no better way to spend the 420 season than by taking a weekend trip to the coast to cities like Savannah, St. Simons, Tybee Island, just to name a few. It’s time to grab your drinking buddies and hit the water.  You can probably find your Oasis here – and ours too, hard seltzer that is.

9) Shootin’ the Hooch

One of our favorite past times is shootin’ the hooch with our buddies. It’s a rite of passage for anyone living in Atlanta. Grab your kayaks, tubes or whatever floats your boat and let’s float this 420 season. Remember: don’t float the mainstream… float the Hooch instead.

10) East Palisades Trail

Is dry land more your thing or you forgot your floaties? You can still experience the Hooch. Hit up the East Palisades Trail, located next to the Chattahoochee River. Not only do you get sick views of the city like this one, there’s a bamboo forest if ya keep exploring.

Drink ‘em if ya got ‘em, head outdoors, and kick off the 420 season the right way. Don’t forget to share your 420 Spot with us on social media with the hashtag #420Spot and remember… It’s 420 Somewhere.

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