How to Have Your Headiest 420 Fest Yet, 2019 version

Here’s some advice we learned the hard way on how to have the best weekend ever.


DON’T forget to register your wristband.

Have it at all times to enter/exit/enjoy the fest. Once you tighten it, you can’t un-tighten it.
They have a tendency to tighten themselves over the course of the weekend, so start a lil loose

Seriously. If you haven’t already registered your wristband, click the link below and do it right now. It’ll just take a minute and prevent any issues getting into the fest this weekend.


DO stay up to date with the haps, minute by minute, via social media.

SweetWater’s Pages
Twitter •  Instagram •  Facebook

420 Fest Pages:
Twitter •  Instagram •  Facebook


DON’T get lost.

Festival’s at Centennial Olympic Park at 265 Park Ave W Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30130

Recommended transportation: bikes, ride shares & public transport.


Use this special 420 Fest Lyft Code:

New Users receive $10 off a ride to/from 420 Fest!

Use Code: 420FEST2018


Complimentary Bike Valet located at the
Centennial Olympic Park Dr. Gate


Wanna drive your own car? Carpool and get a pass:



DON’T miss a minute.

Friday April 19   1:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Gates open at 12:00 PM
Box Office Hours: 10:00 AM to 10 PM

Saturday April 20   12:00 PM – 11:00 PM Gates open at 11:30 AM
Box Office Hours: 10:00 AM to 10 PM

Sunday April 21   12:00 PM – 10:00 PM Gates open at 11:00 AM
Box Office Hours: 10:00 AM to 9 PM



DO stay fueled.

Drink lots of water and make sure you’re eating enough. As we like to say, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Got some tasty food trucks and options lined up for yall: Check it out here. 



DON’T bring these things

No jogging, large strollers

No wagons
No frames, no camping gear backpacks
No dogs
No glass
No coolers
No camelbak or similar water-carrying backpacks

(* Camelbaks clear insert bag is allowed if it fits our ‘clear bag size requirement’ noted above*)
No outside alcohol
No outside food and drink
No pets
No illegal drugs
No fireworks
No unlicensed vending of any kind
No large, staked or golf umbrellas (small handheld ok)
No chairs or hammocks
No professional photography or video equipment
No audio recording equipment or microphone stands
No selfie sticks, GoPros or drones
No flag poles, totems or ‘rage sticks’
No laser pointers

**Exceptions for medically necessary items and wheelchair bags

DON’T freak out if you lost your prized possessions.

TBH, just don’t bring them to begin with. If you’ve lost something, email and we can check. Be sure to include your contact info so we can holler at you quickly if we locate your goods!


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