Friday Playlist: Greg Mike

We asked our friend and artist Greg Mike to throw together a playlist to take our minds off things for a while. Check it out below:

Music is my speed, whether I am on my morning run, in the studio painting, driving through the city, cooking in the kitchen, out at night or putting my kids to sleep, it’s always on. It’s very hard for me to not be listening to music while I create artwork or I am in the studio. It helps me get in the zone during my creative process and chill out my scattered brain. I like to run to electronic music, but enjoy something a little chiller and more downtempo beat-wise when painting or drawing. When I am smashing walls outside, I usually like something a bit faster that I can flow with that keeps me motivated and driven. I honestly listen to a little bit of every genre. Most of the stuff on the playlist here is my more “music to create to”. Usually I try to pair the BPM (beats per minute) with the activities at hand. Due to the recent quarantine, my gallery and agency (ABV Agency + Gallery) has begun producing regular events online. This has given me the opportunity to curate both artwork and corresponding playlists that bring the creative energy into people’s homes. Follow us online at or on Instagram at @abvgallery to catch our next virtual event.

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