First Guide Beer Fund Recipient

Photo by Greg Dini


Guide Beer was created with a purpose – giving back to a group of people who have given us so much.

11% of profits from Guide Beer support guides in need, whether that’s due to illness, injury, or natural disaster.

Photo by David Mangum

Cleve Evans is exactly the kind of guy we had in mind. A veteran panhandle guide based near Mexico Beach, Cleve’s house suffered severe damage from Hurricane Michael to the point that engineers deemed it unrecoverable. Almost a year later, Cleve and his wife are still living in a temporary trailer in their yard, in the shadows of downed trees and their home. The insurance company has fought them and FEMA offered little assistance.


In early August of this year, our owner and founder Freddy Bensch presented Cleve with the first grant from the proceeds of Guide Beer, in hopes that the contribution will help him get back on his feet and sharing the joy of fishing.

Know a guide in need? Apply here.


Pick up the October issue of Fly Fisherman to hear more about Cleve and his story

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