Low ABV, Full Flavor: The 5 Best Light Beers for Day Drinking

From Men’s Journal

Craft brewers are cranking out light lagers—but not the kind Dad drank while mowing the lawn. Nowadays, there are plenty of highly drinkable light beers that feature a low ABV.

Unlike the watery brews you’re used to seeing in your grocery store’s beer fridge (and, unfortunately, in the cooler at most backyard barbecues), they come packed with flavor. That means you can knock back a couple cold ones without feeling bloated or overly buzzed, and still enjoy something worth drinking.

Here are five great light beers to try (household chores optional)—from a citrusy lager perfect for March Madness shenanigans to a malt brew that’ll give you a reprieve from an IPA overload.

Guide Beer: A Lager, SweetWater Brewing Co.

3. Guide Beer: A Lager, SweetWater Brewing Co.

4% ABV

This brisk, easy-drinking lager is designed for outdoor consumption, be it camping or cruising down a river. The cans even feature topographical maps of guides’ favorite haunts—keep an eye out for them when the beer is released later this year.

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