500 Waterways, 1 Way We’re Kickin’ Plastic This Summer

Throughout the year, SweetWater partners with several like-minded organizations to promote water and land conversation, allowing us to give back locally, nationally, and globally.

This summer, we’re partnering with Waterkeeper Alliance for Save Our Water in support of clean water and protecting our passions.


Waterkeeper Alliance started in 1966 when industrial polluters were destroying blue-collar fishermen’s way of life up on the Hudson River in New York. Since then, they have kept our waters clean – from lakes to rivers and everywhere in between.


Conservation is important to keep our planet alive and thriving; keeping our waters clean is crucial to our hobbies, wildlife, landscapes, and the general well-being of our home.

Humans have 1% of water on the planet to work with and we’re not taking care of it.

1 in 2 hospital beds are occupied by men, women and children with waterborne diseases. The climate problem is a water problem. Without clean water, there can be no healthy life. How do we make this right? The Waterkeeper movement was started by a band of blue-collar fisherman on New York’s Hudson River in 1966. Their tough, hands-on, community-oriented brand of environmental activism sparked the River’s miraculous recovery and inspired other individuals and organizations to launch Waterkeepers from the Mississippi to the Amazon, the Tigris to the Ganges. 500 Waterways aims to continue growth of Waterkeepers worldwide to protect 500 waterways across the globe.


Your support will help:

• PATROL: Waterkeepers are the boots on the ground and the eyes on the water.
• EDUCATE: By shining a light on the importance rivers play to our communities, Waterkeepers encourage recreation and celebrate our waters.
• ENFORCE: Waterkeepers ensure laws are enforced and hold offenders accountable.
• SET STANDARDS: Swimmable, drinkable, fishable water worldwide.
• STRENGTHEN: Waterkeepers strengthen regulation where it exists, and create it when it does not.



Show your support with this limited edition Waterkeeper Alliance gear.



Join the cause and support BCT efforts at


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