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What you should know before applying for a sponsorship

SweetWater offers donations for specific events and non-profit fundraisers including good beer and branded schwag. While we would like to align with all that is good and worthy, we sometimes have to gracefully decline. Product donations are done through company check to your organization to reimburse you for the beer that was purchased at a retailer. It’s important to note, we are not allowed, by law, to donate or sell beer direct from our brewery.

A few things we look for when selecting opportunities for product donations:

  • Timing: Please give us at least five (5) weeks’ notice prior to event.
  • Location: Is your event in our territory? Our donations are limited to states where we distribute including: GA, TN, NC, SC, FL, AL, KY, VA, LA, TX, NY, IL, NJ, CT, OH, PA, MD, DC, CO.
  • Reimbursement for Beer Donation: If you plan on selling our beer, your event is open to the public, we will require a copy of the special events permit. If approved, SweetWater will reimburse the charity for half of the cost to purchase the beer (receipt needed for reimbursement).

Important Note

Events, which are less than five (5) weeks out, will be declined automatically. We review all applications received every 30 days. Please do not fill out the form if your event is within the next five weeks.

Thank you for your consideration.

What we do not fund

School Auctions or Functions – Kids and beer are just not a good combination.

Individual and Team Sports – Unfortunately, there are just too many.

Bands – We love us some live music, but there are just too many.

Requests from SweetWater as part of the donation

SweetWater logo on any websites, social media posts etc. notating our sponsorship. If beer is served, we ask that there are responsible folks in charge to ensure no underage drinking occurs, and folks that are consuming are doing so responsibly.

If your event matches these guidelines, please fill out the following form. We will take a look at your request and get back with you early next month. Thanks!

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