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SweetWater RIFF Vodka Soda Citrus

Our RIFF Vodka Soda Citrus cut with Coriander and Sea Salt is an authentic and refreshing ready-to-drink vodka soda cocktail in a can tuned up with real Orange and Lime juices and amplified with a hit of spice for a unique flavor RIFF.

Made for creatives, by creatives. These non-conventional cocktails are for discerning drinkers who know what’s the real deal and want to make sure everyone knows it. Inspiring individuality and creativity, RIFF Vodka Sodas from SweetWater are the cocktails for a higher experience.

105 calories. 5% ABV. 1g carbs. 0.5g sugar from real fruit and 0g sugar added.

What is RIFF?

RIFF is a creatively crafted brand that loves a joint effort.
We strive to elevate the standards of creativity. Highly curated, expertly made. This is our commitment to our community.
Everything we make is carefully curated because we believe that if it’s not grown, crafted or expertly made — it’s not worth being on the shelf.

Learn more about our buds at RIFF here.

ABV 5%
IBUs 0
Available in:

12oz Can

Malt Bill:


Dry Hop:

Flavor Profile:
Real citrus juice


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